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Our Quality Agreement for Project Management

Juffern AG strives to plan, execute and control its projects (PDCA cycle) in accordance with the highest quality standards. Throughout this process, special attention is paid to stakeholders, staff, processes and factors determining success.

Our project managers understand the demands and expectations of the stakeholders. It is their aim to assure successful project completion. Throughout the different project stages, we make sure that the process runs smoothly and that our communication is timely, open and transparent.

To ensure the successful planning and completion of a project, the project manager must always take into account the needs and interests of the stakeholders.

At Juffern AG, staff deployments and task assignments are extremely important. We match the qualifications and experiences of our staff with the professional, personal and social project requirements as precisely as possible.

Our project managers are responsible to our clients and must report to them. Within their project teams, the project manager has the power to make all relevant decisions. Their power in terms of disciplinary issues must be agreed upon separately and depends on the organisation of the specific project.

To assure a successful project completion, our project managers have the following core skills:

  • In-depth knowledge about project management
  • General knowledge of management principles
  • Necessary product knowledge
  • Perseverance and the ability to work under pressure
  • Focus on integral and sustainable solutions
  • Good social and communication skills, including knowledge of foreign languages

The methodical approach and good social skills of our project managers are essential. Unexpected problems can arise in any project. It is important to identify potential issues early and to find solutions that are ecologically, economically and socially responsible.

Depending on the size and complexity of a project, we can delegate or divide a project into smaller tasks. The project managers appointed for these smaller projects must report to the general project manager for the whole duration of the project. In principle, a project can be split according to different criteria:

  • Geographic or object-specific
  • Chronological (project dates and deadlines) or economic (costs).

Juffern AG chooses the project approach that promises the best results. For the successful completion of a project, the following factors must be taken into account:

  • Duration of the project
  • The requirements and interests of clients, stakeholders, policy and politics, the 
legislative bodies, etc.
  • Size of the project (ecological and economic size, staff requirements)
  • Special industries which require particular procedures (e.g. chemical industry or waste 
  • Categorisation (e.g. development projects or maintenance projects)

Depending on the project size and the number of people/ offices involved, different project management tools and resources may be used, for example, professional software solutions.

Before the project begins, Juffern AG’s project team determines the necessary measures and plans the required steps in detail. For all projects, in particular smaller ones, we use best value procedures and minimise administrative expenses.

Factors of Success
Our highest priority is to successfully complete the project – professionally and within the deadlines given. To achieve this, we implement strict procedures, including:

  • Clear and understandable definitions of the project’s goals and limits
  • Detailed and clearly presented project plans which serve as guidelines for clients and any political stakeholders, as well as for the project team
  • Clear project structures which guarantee an efficient project development and execution
  • An intense and harmonious project culture to assure that all parties remain motivated

Factors which cannot be influenced directly by Juffern AG, for example inappropriate or insufficient project infrastructure, are compensated by developing and implementing alternative solutions.

The professional application of project management know-how is a decisive factor of success, as are the character and personal skills of our project managers. Juffern AG therefore only appoints select people with the necessary qualifications and experience to this task.