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  • Planning

    We plan, coordinate and manage all kinds of projects for industrial plants, including manufacturing and installation.

  • Installation

    We plan, execute and control mechanical and electrical installations, including new equipment, extensions and modifications.

  • Inspection

    We plan, execute and supervise inspections of Waste Incineration and Graphic/Print Plants.

  • Commissioning

    We manage the commission of industrial plants, including testing, optimisation and hand-over of the inspected plant to the end customer.

  • Documentation

    We customise documents and operating manuals required for projects and suppliers.

  • Condition Analysis

    We analyse internal, economic and political conditions of industrial plants, to establish decisions based on performance.

  • Site Management

    We coordinate and control construction sites, focusing on quality, health & safety, government regulations and project milestones.

When it comes to the mechanical and electrical installation of new equipment, extensions or modifications, we take care of strategy, coordination, realisation and controlling.

Example of our installation services

One of our clients delivered a new mailroom system for a large printing house. Juffern AG took over the installation of the conveyors and supplied customer support for the mechanical and electrical installation of the newly fitted equipment.

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