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Site Management

  • Planning

    We plan, coordinate and manage all kinds of projects for industrial plants, including manufacturing and installation.

  • Installation

    We plan, execute and control mechanical and electrical installations, including new equipment, extensions and modifications.

  • Inspection

    We plan, execute and supervise inspections of Waste Incineration and Graphic/Print Plants.

  • Commissioning

    We manage the commission of industrial plants, including testing, optimisation and hand-over of the inspected plant to the end customer.

  • Documentation

    We customise documents and operating manuals required for projects and suppliers.

  • Condition Analysis

    We analyse internal, economic and political conditions of industrial plants, to establish decisions based on performance.

  • Site Management

    We coordinate and control construction sites, focusing on quality, health & safety, government regulations and project milestones.

We coordinate and control the ongoing operations on construction sites and ensure compliance with quality, health & safety, and government regulations as well as project milestones.

Example of our site management services

One of our clients had to replace a flue gas treatment system with the shortest possible downtime. Juffern AG took over the on-site management and assumed responsibility for the following tasks:

  • Expert consultation during project planning phase
  • Time management and detailed planning of all work steps 
  • Site Management 
  • Coordination of production interruptions 
  • Coordination of main component access and interfaces 
  • Quality control 
  • Compliance with government and safety regulations.

In addition, we took over the commissioning. On site, Juffern AG’s team was responsible for the coordination of 60 to 80 sub-contracted engineers. Even under extreme time pressure, health and safety were always our highest priorities.

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